5 Fun Video Games for the Whole Family

Video games are great because they can easily bring people together. Of course, many games are great for playing on your own, but there is something so special about playing certain titles with other people. It is often difficult to spend some quality family time together because of many reasons. One of them is the simple inability to see each other and meet very often. But when the time comes, there is nothing better than enjoying a fun or competitive game with some of your relatives or even all of them. Here are some of the most incredible family-friendly games.

Top Games for Playing with Your Family

In this list, we have gathered games of different genres and for a variety of platforms. Of course, not everybody can have access to all video game consoles, which is why there are plenty of games for different platforms to choose from.

The Jackbox Party Trilogy – these extremely fun and quick party games are designed for virtually any platform possible. You can play them on your PC, any console from PlayStation to Nintendo Switch, and even on mobile phones. They are supported on Android and iOS to make them accessible for everyone, including your grandparents. Simply use your smartphones to enjoy quick and competitive challenges on a TV screen. However, they are rated T for ages 13 and older, so keep that in mind.

Mario Party Games – there is no party like Mario Party. In case you own a Nintendo console (any of them), you will be able to pick up a copy of Mario Party suitable for you. Each game in this franchise is suitable for everyone, including the youngest children, so it will be perfect for playing with younger siblings and all adult relatives alike.

Overcooked – this hectic cooking game is made for coop up to four players. It is great for family playtime as it comes on a range of platforms, such as Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch. Once again, it is fitting for all ages. However, try not to fight with your family as it is insanely competitive.

Minecraft – this famous video game is available on many different platforms and can be a great family escape. Minecraft can be enjoyed in different ways from building to exploring and fighting mobs so everyone will find something special for themselves.

Snipperclips – this title is exclusive to Nintendo Switch and can be enjoyed by up to four players. This is a puzzle game that requires using your mind and is fun for all ages. No gaming experience is needed, so you can easily play it with your mum or even grandparents. This video game requires a lot of teamwork and is perfect for spending time together.

These are the five great games for enjoying with your family members. From hosting all your relatives, no matter how many of them, to being enjoyed by four players most, there are some fun and unique solutions for spending a great time together.